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Watch NFL Playoffs in Chicago: Wild Card Week, 2019

We’ve got eight fresh-faces playing in the Wild Card games this week, as none of these teams were featured during last year’s Wild Card round (Eagles are the only team that made the playoffs last… Read more »

Week 13, 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

Chase Daniel makes his 2nd start of the season as the Bears travel to New Jersey to take on the Giants, which sums up the noon games this Sunday in the NFL. The better games… Read more »

Week 12, 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

Thanksgiving Day brought us three games to start week 12 of the NFL season, but we’ve got only two teams on a bye this week so our Sunday slate won’t suffer (although those two teams… Read more »

Thanksgiving Day 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

Allow me the privilege of presenting the Thanksgiving 2018 edition of Where to Watch NFL games in Chicago. Each of these three games once looked good on paper, whether it be before the season started… Read more »

Week 11, 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

Let’s get this out of the way and head straight to my top 8 teams, 4 from the AFC and 4 from the NFC: AFC Teams: Kansas City Chiefs New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee… Read more »

Week 9, 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

Week 9, 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

Best game of the day will be the Patriots hosting the Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, but we’ve got to wait until the late Sunday night game (along with an extra hour). Rams… Read more »

Week 8, 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

The big topic at the water cooler lately is, “who’s in your top four?” Ideally these would be two teams from each Conference, but for the sake of argument why not think about both scenarios…. Read more »

Week 7, 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

Locally the question is, are there more Patriot bars in Chicago than Bears bars? Patriot fans in town have their list of places to choose from. Titan fan(s) and Charger fan(s), make sure you’re up… Read more »

Week 5, 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

A George Washington’s way into the season, the last 2 weeks have helped reveal team tiers for the 2018 NFL season. All things were coming up Dolphins as Miami (3-1) was undefeated heading into Foxborough,… Read more »

Week 4, 2018: Watch NFL in Chicago

It seems like just yesterday the first week of professional football was upon us and Matt Stafford was getting picked off left and right at home against the woeful New York Football Jets. Yet despite… Read more »

Watch NFL Playoffs in Chicago: Wild Card Week, 2018

The 2017 NFL season is officially in the books as we head into the first round, Wild Card Week, of the post-season. The top 2 teams from each conference – the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh… Read more »

Watch NFL in Chicago: Week 12, 2017

Week 12 brings us my personal favorite week of NFL football: Thanksgiving weekend. There’s a full slate of NFL games on Thursday that pretty much covers the entire day, starting from 11:30a (CT) until the… Read more »

Watch NFL in Chicago: Week 11, 2017

We’ve got a couple rivalry games based on location — Chicago (3-6) hosting Detroit (5-4), Tampa Bay (3-6) heading to Miami (4-4*) — as well as an actual, real rivalry between the red-hot Philadelphia Eagles… Read more »

Watch NFL in Chicago: Week 10, 2017

Not a lot of great match-ups this week in the NFL, but that shouldn’t be news since seemingly only two, maybe three teams in the entire league actually produce good football on a consistent basis…. Read more »

Watch NFL in Chicago: Week 8, 2017

NFL Week 8: October 26 — October 30, 2017 We’re at week 8 of the NFL season, just about half-way through and there’s only a handful of teams that can claim the top tier; a… Read more »

Watch NFL in Chicago: Week 6, 2017

NFL Week 6: October 12 — October 16, 2017 We’ve reached week 6 of the 2017 NFL season, and who would have thought at this point the AFC East would be the most competitive division… Read more »

Watch NFL in Chicago: Week 5, 2017

NFL Week 5: October 5 — October 9, 2017 Byes: Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins New England Patriots at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay, Florida, Thursday, October 5, 8:25pm ET New… Read more »

Watch NFL in Chicago: Week 4, 2017

How about that Week 3? Just about every game had dramatics to it. Well, Week 4 is right around the corner. Once it’s complete, we’ll be a quarter of the way through the 2017 NFL… Read more »

Watch NFL in Chicago: Week 3, 2017

Week 3 of the NFL season kicks off tonight in a match-up of underwhelming west coast teams, as the 49ers (0-2) host Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams (1-1). Sunday gives us some games… Read more »

Watch NFL in Chicago: Week 2, 2017

NFL Week 2: September 14 — September 18, 2017 Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati, Thursday, September 14, 8:25pm ET Houston Texans bars: NFL Sunday Ticket Chicago Bars Cincinnati Bengals bars: Merkle’s Bar & Grill,… Read more »

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