Closed Chicago Sports Restaurants

Below is a list of bars that were affiliated with a sports team but have since closed.

RestaurantAddressAffiliated Team(s)Affililated City(ies)Closed Date
Maeve1325 W Wrightwood Ave #4, Chicago, 60614Washington RedskinsWashington D.C.March 2015
Kick1943 W Byron St, Chicago, 60613March 2017
Mystic Celt3443 N Southport Ave, Chicago, 60657Ohio State BuckeyesOhioJune 2015
Rockwood3466 N Clark St, Chicago, 60657Nebaraska CornhuskersNebraska2016
The Crossing Tavern2548 N Southport Ave 1st, Chicago, 60614Denver Pioneers, Kansas Jayhawks, Notre Dame Fighting IrishDenver, Colorado, Kansas, South Bend, IndianaJanuary 2017