Glascott’s Groggery

2158 N Halsted St 1St, Chicago, 60614


(773) 281-1205

Sun. 11a-2a, Mon.-Fri. 10a-2a, Sat. 11a-3a

Glascott’s Groggery supports these sports teams and welcomes their fans:

Fans of these teams are encourages to contact Glascott’s Groggery and confirm they’ll be showing your team’s game when it’s live.

Check below to see if Glascott’s Groggery is active on social media. If they are, you may find new specials or offers not listed on their website.

Call Glascott’s Groggery at (773) 281-1205 or visit their website:

Glascott’s Groggery

2158 N Halsted St 1St, Chicago, 60614

Chicago, Illinois

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