UCF Knights Chicago Bars

Chicago UCF Knights bars for local or out-of-state fans are listed below. The UCF Knights 2019-20 schedule on the right shows the next time UCF Knights plays. Chicago UCF Knights fans, go out and show your support!

UCF Knights Bars in Chicago

For UCF Knights fans, the UCF Knights Chicago bars are:

UCF Knights Fans in Chicago

The UCF Knights have an established group in Chicago for UCF Knights alumni and fans. The Chicago group is known as Chicago UCF Alumni Chapter and they have a dedicated Facebook page here: facebook.com/chicagoucfalumni. Check them out for more information on the UCF Knights Chicago fan group, and view our full list of NCAA alumni groups in Chicago.

When do the UCF Knights play next in Chicago?

The UCF Knights are not scheduled to visit Chicago or Illinois during the 2019-20 season.

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